The Community at the Confluence is celebrated at the site of the planned Milltown State Park Confluence area.



The mission of Community at the Confluence is to nurture a sense of place at the confluence of the Blackfoot and Clark Fork Rivers. In 2005, Friends of 2 Rivers began a tradition of bringing the human and natural communities together for a day of celebration. Many non-profit organizations also participated.


Sunrise on Free Water watercolor by Cindy   Jimmerson



Appreciate human and natural history
Honor Native American presence
Discover through play

Recreate, refresh, and relax

Educate and entertain




Friends of Two Rivers, Inc. (FOTR) seeks to create opportunities to provide common ground for residents along and visitors to the Blackfoot and Clark Fork Rivers.  Since 2002, the all-volunteer FOTR has created community-building projects—among them the Community at the Confluence picnic—that act as intergenerational magnets, welcome new neighbors, strengthen old relationships, ground our values in and appreciation of our rich cultural and natural heritage, and prepare our communities for new opportunities.

Community at the Confluence cultivates a strong sense of place, ownership and pride in our beautiful surroundings. Participants celebrate natural resource conservation by learning about wildlife, natural history and human history along the confluence of the Blackfoot and Clark Fork rivers, the former site of the Milltown Dam.

Community at the Confluence will feature opportunities for intergenerational outdoor play and natural resource education for children and young adults. It will be a day of music, education, food, exploration, play and thoughtful observance of what this special place means geologically, biologically and socially. We will invite the Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes for whom the former Dam site has important historical and spiritual significance.


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