Saturday, February 12, 2011

10 a.m. to 4 p.m. - Bonner School

The Art Market is full. No more inquiries, please.

HOOKed on Art celebrates its 6th year with a gallery talk by Geroge Gogas and a salute to Walter Hook by the Missoula Art Museum. To honor Walter Hook's teaching legacy, Bob Phinney instructs  Bonner School art students and Walter Hook Art Scholarships are available for Bonner students for summer classes at the Missoula Art Museum  courtesy of our generous HOOKed on Art sponsors!

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The Art Market (see menu at left), live music, delicious lunch, doorprizes...

...February just got a whole lot brighter!


George Gogas, Guest Artist


George Gogas by Judith Basin painting
George Gogas next to "Judith Basin Encounter: When Charlie and Pablo Came to Grips with the Credit Crisis."

George Gogas returns to HOOKed on Art as the 2011 featured artist.

In 2006, Gogas, along with Walter Hook's contemporaries Rudy and Lela Autio, daughter Janet Hook Julin, and childhood friend Richard Bush, launched the annual HOOKed on Art tradtion with a panel,  "Remembering Walter."

Retired from his teaching career, George has enjoyed more time to paint. His Judith Basin series was featured at the Missoula Art Museum.

Read more about featured artist George Gogas.

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Carl Rohr's Quilt Exhibit


carl-rohrMy first quilt was a log cabin which sat a long time after most ofCarl Rohr Quilt the blocks had been made.  Then one day I decided to get it out and finish it, and haven't stopped since.

I love the fabrics and how they combine.  I love (and need) the discipline of starting a project that seems like it will take forever and seeing it through.  I love working with my hands and creating something that is tangible and visible.

Read more about Carl Rohr and visit his quilt gallery.

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Noah Eikens | Childbloom Guitar Quartet | John Floridis | Blue Mountain Music Makers | Nathan Zalvaney and Caleb VanGelder | The Queens of Rock

Just as Walter Hook took inspiration from many subjects and mediums, Hooked on Art transforms Bonner School into a gathering of delights for the eyes, ears, tastebuds, and the soul. For the  ears, the sweet sound of music.

Noah Eikens on stage 10 a.m.  in the Gym

Noah EikensNoah began playing violin at the age of 5, taking fiddle lessons from Ellie Nuno.
He played 4 years with the Missoula Strings on Tour, traveling to Scotland, England, and Italy.
He attended the Japan Suzuki Institute violin camp in Seattle, and The Whitefish music school's Festival Amadeus camp last summer.
Noah currently studies violin with Heidi Martin, of Missoula and plays in the Missoula Youth Chamber Strings Orchestra.
When not playing violin, Noah attends school at St. Joseph Elementary and enjoys snowboarding, basketball, soccer and running.

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Childbloom Guitar Quartet on stage 11 a.m. in the Gym

Childbloom Guitar QuartetThe Childbloom Guitar Quartet perform complex acoustic instrumental arrangements of world, jazz, and classical pieces, spanning sounds from Bach to Bossa Nova. The members of the classical guitar quartet are Duggan Backhouse-Prentiss, Arthur Befumo, and Jenna and Jamie Wevers, under the direction of Childbloom Guitar Program Director and Instructor Nathan Zavalney. They have been performing in Missoula since 2006 in a variety of venues including Montana Public Radio, Out to Lunch, River City Roots Festival, Big Sky Film Festival, the Missoula Art Museum, and Missoula First Night.

Listen to the Childbloom Guitar Quartet's music.

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John Floridis on stage Noon in the Gym

John FloridisJohn Floridis is a Missoula, Montana based guitarist, singer-songwriter and composer. He has been a resident in the "Big Sky" since 1993 having moved there from the strong shouldered, down-but-never-out city of Cleveland, Ohio. He has released 5 recordings mixing bluesy, folk-rock vocal tunes with adventurous solo acoustic guitar compositions including one seasonal recording "December's Quiet Joy." He has been named Missoula's best musician by the Missoula Independent and performed in the Western region for over a decade. He has performed with artists as diverse as Shawn Colvin, Derek Trucks, Patty Griffin, Richard Thompson, Emmylou Harris, Bruce Cockburn, Kelly Joe Phelps, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and Patty Larkin. John also fronts Burning River, a blues-funk-rock concept that performs in the Western region. He is also a producer of programs for Montana Public Radio and a former Registered Music Therapist. John Floridis performs with guitar, vocals and sometimes manipulated, sampled and looped sounds.

Listen to John Floridis' music

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Blue Mountain Music Makers on stage 1 p.m. in the Gym

Blue Mountain Music MakersThe Blue Mountain Music Makers made their debut at Hooked on Art in 2009. Since then they have enjoyed playing their mix of bluegrass, old time fiddle and folk music at several venues, including Community at the Confluence, Paw's Up Ranch, River City Roots Festival,The Peas farm, Monarch Fiddle Camp and private parties.The members of this family band are: mom Jen on guitar/cello, niece Maddi on fiddle, mando, and ukelele, son Riley on banjo, and daughter Grace on fiddle. This will be their third appearance at Hooked on Art.

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Nathan Zalvaney and Caleb VanGelder on stage 2 p.m. in the Gym

Nathan Zavalney and Caleb Van Gelder


Guitarist Nathan Zavalney and drummer Caleb Van Gelder create a unique sound that weaves jazz, world, and new age ambient music. The interplay of this duo moves from  improvisational excitement to spacious exploration, pulling from an eclectic variety of original compositions, traditional melodies and rhythms, and jazz standards.


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The Queens of Rock on stage at 3 p.m. in the Gym

Melinda Waggoner


Melinda: I have lived in Missoula since 1980. Both of my children ages 30 and 17 were born in Missoula. I enjoy music, art, cats and traveling with my children.



Nicole Waggoner



Nicole: I have been singing and drawing ever since I can remember. I love playing electric guitar, and I find it fun. I am also very interested in the history of rock n roll.



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All Day:

Art Market in Gym and Hallways

"Inspired by Walter Hook" Exhibit (Missoula Art Museum) in Library

Carl Rohr Quilts, Gym Stage and Library

10 a.m. - 3 p.m.:

Close Up Cafe in Cafeteria

Fresh Cinnamon Rolls (while they last!)

Heritage Lunch


11 a.m.:

George Gogas, Gallery Talk in Art Room

10 a.m., 11a.m., Noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m., and 3 p.m.:

Musical performances on stage on the Gym Stage featuring Noah Eikens, Childbloom Guitar Students, John Floridis, Blue Mountain Music Makers, Nathan Zalvaney and Caleb VanGelder, and The Queens of Rock.

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Art is food for the soul.

The rest of your body needs the Close Up Café!


Hot Coffee

Fresh Cinnamon Rolls (While they last!)

BEVERAGES: Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Water, Sodas, Gatorade


Soup & Salad served with Le Petit Outre Foccacia (Yes, Mrs. Cadieux's heritage Soupe aux Pois is back!)

Polish & Hot Dogs, Nachos, Chili... 


Homemade pies, banana bread, jams and more baked goods

Good food, Good cause

Support Bonner School's Close Up Students!

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History of Hooked on Art


Hooked on Art, established in 2006, is a natural celebration for Bonner. Walter's friends and admirers had long felt a tribute was overdue. After the Friends of Two Rivers first successful Confluence Day, Erickson's and Matson's were celebrating with a burger at the River City Grill where they met Vic and Ilona Hangas.  Appreciative of the natural resource festival, Vic's comment, "What we really need is to honor Walter Hook." With that comment, a new Bonner tradition was born and is celebrated every year on the Saturday before Valentine's Day.

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A Tribute to Walter Hook

"He's my hero." Vic Hangas

"He was my grandfather. I like to look at him as an inspiration." Nissa Liesz



Do you have a reminiscence or photo of Walter Hook to share? Send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . All submissions will be credited.

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Past Featured Artists


Lela and Rudy Autio

George Gogas

Janet Hook Julin

Richard Bush

"Remembering Walter"


Dudley Dana

The Dana Gallery

"East Meets West" Tour


Monte Dolack

Monte Dolack Art Gallery

"Evolution of an Artist"


Kendahl Jan Jubb

Murphy-Jubb Fine Art

"Influences on My Style"

Bob Phinney

The Art Spirit Gallery

"Creating Harmony with Nature"


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Driving Directions to Bonner


From Missoula: via I-90: take Exit 109 for MT 200 E to Bonner/Great Falls. Take MT 200 to Bonner School, 9045 Hwy 200. Parking behind school.

From Missoula via Hwy 200. Follow 200 through Milltown and around the mill yard to Bonner School, 9045 Hwy 200. Parking behind school.

From the East: Take Exit 109 for MT Hwy 200 E to Bonner/Great Falls. Take MT 200 to Bonner School, 9045 Hwy 200. Parking behind school.

From the Northeast: Hwy 200 W to Bonner School, 9045 Hwy 200. Parking behind school.

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