Heritage Timber located on Blixit Creek Road in Potomac is a family-owned business specializing in dismantling buildings and reclaiming historical, useful and beautiful materials for resale and reuse. Gary Delp started the company in 1994.

Gary will be discussing his work at the Friends of 2 Rivers winter seminar on Sunday, January 24th at 2:00pm at Our Saviors Lutheran Church in Bonner.

Gary's first project in 1994: dismantling Champion Mill buildings in Missoula. And since that time his team has reclaimed the flooring from the old 1903 Carnegie Library, home to the Missoula Art Museum, and recently the cooling shed and truck shop buildings at the Stimson Mill in Bonner, to name a few.

Maintaining a sense of history
Dismantling an old building is much more than simple demolition and requires at least the same level of craftsmanship and care that went in to the original construction. Gary’s team consists of artists, musicians, builders and other community members who are dedicated to re-capturing a sense of history while diverting thousands of tons of materials from the local landfill. They have dismantled icehouses, sheep barns, warehouses and electric trolley depots.

More than timber
While Heritage Timber focuses on timber framed structures, they routinely reclaim corrugated metal roofing/siding, metal hardware and other historic glass and metal items. Their mission statement speaks of the rich history that old-growth wood represents and they celebrate providing reclaimed wood products and other materials that will “assume another life” in homes, businesses and industrial settings.

To learn more
Please visit their website at www.heritagetimbermt.com and click on the Public Radio Story for a moving and personal story of Gary and his team as they work on the old buildings at Bonner Mill.

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