Eager to celebrate the successful Superfund cleanup, the Milltown Superfund Redevelopment Working Group created the perfect venue - the first annual SuperFUN(d) Run on the Piltzville Trail constructed by EPA to provide a safe way to school for children who had been crossing the tracks on a social path in Piltzville. Once the train transport of sediments began, that path was fenced and the community became the recipient of a new paved trail extending from the junction of Highways 200 and 210 all the way to the Turah interchange and across, linking to Rustic Road where a gravel foot and equestrian trail looped back on the frontage road.

Assisted by Run Wild Missoula, the inaugural run was held April 18, 2009. In subsequent years, Friends of 2 Rivers stepped up to partner with Run Wild Missoula and the popular spring run has grown under the leadership of Race Director Sue Furey. Read more about Sue!

The race will next be held in April 2014.

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